KTX Train Station in Jeonju

The station's primary function as a transportation hub makes it an important part of Korail railway network. Learn more about Jeonju railway station, available services, and facilities.
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About Jeonju Station

​It is beneficially served by modern ITX Saemaeul and KTX high-speed trains, both known for providing fast rail service that has no equal throughout South Korea. With all the necessary amenities available inside this large complex, travelers will definitely find their experience at Jeonju railway terminal enjoyable!

Another interesting fact about Jeonju Railway Station is that its exterior is designed according to the traditional Hanok style. This unique style's features can be noted in the balanced shapes and black-tiled rooftops of the building.

Jeonju Station's Facilities

As mentioned above, Jeonju station is fitted with all amenities needed for comfortable travel, featuring:

  • ​spacious waiting areas;
  • ATMs;
  • bathrooms;
  • ticket offices;
  • help desk;
  • convenience store.

Jeonju Station Map

Korean Name: 전주역

Address: Dongbu-daero 680, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju,

North Jeolla, South Korea

Location: the station can be easily reached via public transport

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